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Meet the Team


Chief Executive Officer

In 2011, Mr. Levine invested in Straight2yourdoor, a small restaurant delivery service that featured a proprietary system of utilizing smart phone technology to communicate with its drivers. S2YD, serviced 4 small college towns and sold over $1,000,000 in deliveries. In 2012 Mr. Levine successfully sold his interests and exited Mr. DELIVERY in South Africa and re-branded S2YD to Mr. DELIVERY USA. The Company is now aggresively targeting franchising across the USA and currently has 21 markets and growing.


Chief Operations Officer

Jason founded Straight2yourdoor, LLC, the predecessor to Mr. DELIVERY USA, in 2006 while still enrolled in college. He built in 4 markets and pioneered the innovative concept of remote dispatching. When Laurence was looking to invest in the US market he traveled the country meeting the best providers. Jason and Straight2yourdoor were chosen for investment and partnership due to their platform, dynamic growth, and market vision. Today, Jason plays a key role in the company's development, market acquisition strategy, and roll out plan. Jason loves long walks on the beach, pina coladas, and the miami heat


Director of Sales and Marketing

Jack increases LTV of a customer through target deliverance and manages the CPA of customers through brand development. Jack manages the restaurant partnership process through B2B sales ​and acquisition. Jack is a huge fan of music and working out.


Director of Operations

Jasem got involved with Mr. Delivery in 2009. After managing and growing the Ann Arbor location he opened two more franchises in East Lansing and Kalamazoo. He now works in Austin overseeing the day to day operation of the company. Jasem enjoys craft beer and college football/basketball.


Franchise Relationship Manager

Anica has been with the company since 2011 and helps to manage service levels related to customers, restaurants and drivers.  She helps with special projects, and serves as franchisee coordinator.  Anica is a pizza enthusiast and loves office birthdays!


Logistics Manager

James burns the midnight oil as one of Mr. Delivery's lead dispatchers and the late-night office point person. When he's not studying the maps of America's great cities for work purposes, James loves cycling and waking up early on Saturdays to watch soccer.

Kurt Naiker

Team Coach

Kurt is a passionate guy who understands how to motivate, plan, track, and monitor achievement of operational goals. Possesses seasoned abilities after 6 years in the service, education and sales industries. After growing up in America Kurt found his way back to South Africa and has recently joined the Mr. Delivery team and is excited about the future. Outside of work he loves cooking, making music, and making memories with friends and loved ones.


Call Center Manager

Andrew has recently joined the Company and manages our Call Centre Operation in Cape Town, South Africa. Andrew returned to his native South Africa, two years ago, after spending over 10 years in Customer/ Retail Service in the United Kingdom. He has a proven track record of success, with a combination of leadership, communication, planning and organizational skills. Andrew says that nothing will get in the way that at Mr. Delivery our Customer is King - every time.

Guallie Garcia

Director of Digital Marketing

Guallie manages marketing practices and brings creative strategies to Mr. Delivery campaigns. From social media, to email campaigns, video implementation, and blogging, he is always there to bring a creative edge to any marketing effort. When he is not looking into new marketing trends, Guallie spends his time either outdoors playing Ultimate Frisbee, or relaxing by drinking coffee or tea at his favorite bubble tea restaurant.

Aniko Paulse

Team Manager

Aniko has 9 years experience in customer service, retail and sales/marketing industry. Aniko can be best described by the serious care she takes in making decisions or choices and tries to anticipate the obstacles. She is intrigued with the unique qualities of each person. Having a gift for figuring out how people who are different can work together productively which can result in employee Growth and Development. She is passionate about design and art. Aniko is a travel enthusiast, foodie and thoroughly enjoys adrenalin outdoor activities.


Interactive Creative Designer

An ATX (Austin, TX) native, Ethan loves making delicious food designs almost as much as he loves EATING it. He is an expert and proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite. Ethan's skillset allows him to produce high-level visual designs for both digital and printed content creation.

John Short

Customer Retention

John is originally from Tulsa, OK. He has worked in the restaurant business for over 7 years. He brings focus to customers, and how we can continually go above and beyond to make every experience special; customer service has always been a passion for him! When not at work, he spends his time gaming and enjoying the beautiful Austin, TX sites.

Rudi White

Marketing Assistant

Rudi has worked successfully across a number of industries as a digital and web designer and marketing specialist. He is passionate about digital marketing, wine, chocolate, food and Fleetwood Mac. On the rare occasion that he has free time he spends it binge watching anything made by Shonda Rhimes. He also enjoys watching other people keep fit and believes that a solid afternoon nap can "cure almost any ailment."